The new Financial Planning concentration is applicable to any industry for students of any major

The Master in Business Communication (MBC) adds a new track in Financial Planning. The MBC program, which prepares future and current business leaders to think and lead differently, developed the financial planning track for professionals interested in developing skills of financial advisors. The financial planning track is one of five program concentrations, including marketing, sports management, human resource management and general business administration. Dishant Pandya, Assistant Professor of Economics and Financial Planning, introduces this program to bring financial planning education to every student, not just finance majors, such as full-time working professionals and those wanting to excel further in their careers.

Dr. Pandya: My name is Dishant Pandya, I teach at Spalding University for finance and economics. That’s my area of expertise. And I’ve been here for the last nine years. And I wanted to start a program where it touches every one’s life. This one kind of service that is sorely lacking in society. I feel like this is one where people understand how to help other people, and how to manage money.

Todd: I work full time, the classes were at night, the classes are once a week, the coursework I could complete on the weekends. So that was very important to me, because I do have to work full time. And I was able to pursue this while still working on this degree.

Dr. Pandya: This pathway will help students provide that trust.

Todd: It’s a growing industry. And it’s, it’s really the industry about relationships and building relationships with clients. And that was very appealing to me.

Dr. Pandya: So one of the benefits of being at Spalding is that it’s a very small institution with a very small university. I don’t want you to call me Dr. Pandya. Like call me Dishant.

Todd: The faculty is very knowledgeable. They are very generous with their time calling, you know, after class, meeting after class, helping with other things outside of class as far as interviews and job leads. I’m very happy with all the staff here.

Spalding University is highlighting graduates from a range of academic programs during Commencement season. Ahead of our last day of ceremonies (Business, Communication, Psychology, Social Work), we wrap up our Commencement Countdown with 2021 Master of Science in Business Communication (Organizational Leadership concentration) grad Jillian Boehmann, who came back to get her master’s to supplement her professional retail, sales and marketing experience.

How do you feel about your accomplishment of completing your degree and graduating?

It definitely felt odd at first to return to school at 37, after so many years away. However, it wasn’t long before I realized how much I really enjoyed writing and presenting, especially when the topics were so applicable to my career. It went by so quickly, but I feel that I learned and accomplished a lot during my time at Spalding and feel proud to be graduating.

What was it like to finish your degree during the pandemic?

Certainly strange, as I was only able to have one course in the classroom before the pandemic hit. However, it just shows how adaptable and resilient both the faculty and students were.

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What is something specifically about your academic program that you liked or that stands out about Spalding’s program/system that may not be the case at another school?

I liked the practical approach of the MSBC program. It was not driven by test scores or regurgitating information, but rather on how the materials in each course could be applied in real-life business situations. It helped me to hone both my written and oral communication skills, especially in a time when in-person interactions were very limited, both academically and professionally.

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Describe something you have done or accomplished at Spalding that you are proud of.

I am proud that a professor chose to use my presentation as an example for future students, and that I finished with a 4.0 and was invited to be a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society.

What does it mean to you to become a graduate of Spalding University? What do you think you will take with you from your time at Spalding that will serve you well in your career or life?

It means an opportunity for advancement in my career and more confidence in my ability to advance. It means connection to a wonderful network of faculty and students that will exist for years to come.

What are your next steps with this degree?

My hope is to expand into a different role with my employer, and I also plan to continue with Spalding by pursuing my Human Resources certification in the fall.

With Commencement approaching on June 1, Spalding is publishing a series of stories and Q&A’s that highlight students from a range of degree programs who are set to graduate. Next up is Kristin Spencer, who is earning a Master of Science in Business Communication (MSBC) degree. Spencer is a young mom and an online student.

What is your favorite Spalding memory?
My favorite Spalding memory is studying abroad in Ireland. It was beautiful!

Which accomplishments are you most proud of during your time at Spalding?
The accomplishment I’m most proud of is, of course, graduating but also being able to enhance and perfect my time-management skills.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
I did all of my classes online, so I was rarely on campus except when I went to the library, so I’d have to say my favorite spot is the library. The staff there was accommodating when I had to bring my son along and gave us a basket with coloring books and puzzles.

At Spalding, we like to say that, “Today is a great day to change the world.” For many of our students, Commencement is a world changing experience. After graduation, how do you plan to change the world, big or small, and who inspires you to be a #spaldingworldchanger?
After graduation I plan on changing the world by showing the African-American community that we can be great and obtain higher education. My 4-year-old son inspires me to be a #spaldingworldchanger! It’s an amazing feeling to have him see me graduating from college, and I already am instilling in him that knowledge is power.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Spalding experience?
I’d love to give a shoutout to Dr. Robin Hinkle, who directs the MSBC program. She’s amazing!

Spalding Director of Student Engagement Anna Foshee is earning her master of science in business communication degree (MSBC), which is a popular program for Spalding employees who choose to continue their education. With commencement coming up at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 2, Foshee, who is Manual High School and Butler University alumna, discussed her experience as a Spalding grad student.

What’s your favorite memory while going through the MSBC program?

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know other people at the university who work here because a lot of folks are in this program, so it’s kind of introduced me to a lot of different departments – advancement, athletics, admissions. One thing that was really meaningful was that I, along with two other Spalding folks from admissions, were asked to do a joint capstone project, which I think was the first time they ever allowed a group capstone. That was something that meant a lot to all of us, and we were excited to present a really good piece and sort of expand the options for students moving forward as far as group projects and assignments moving forward.


What accomplishments are you most proud of as a student at Spalding?

I was really proud of myself for completing the finance course because I’m someone who typically struggles with math and sciences, and Professor (Derek) Bonifer was the instructor for the class, and he was really amazing at sort of relating it back to everyday life and how you can use finance not only in the business sense but in the personal sense. That made it really relatable. That was a class I was really proud to complete with top marks and actually feeling like I learned some really important and useful things.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

I probably spend the most time on campus in the courtyard outside of the library and Teilhard Hall. It’s nice and shady, and I love that space. I also really like the Kentucky Room in the library because it looks out onto that space, and it’s very calming and just sort of a really nice, shaded view of campus. I look to go in there to work and study.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your student experience at Spalding?

Just in general, this program has been challenging for me because it was the first time I’d ever had to do coursework online, which I think is a really important skill to have in today’s world. And I think it’s important for me to have experience for when I communicate with students that I’ll have a better understanding of where they’re coming from and the situations they might be in when it comes to online learning. Also, I’m just really excited to utilize the skills I learned in the MSBC program in my work here at Spalding to help better serve as a developer of student leadership and positive communication and effective communication in the workplace. I think it’s going to serve me well.

Katie Goben ’18 graduates from Spalding’s Master of Science in Business Communication (MSBC) on June 2 with a 4.0 GPA. Goben, who earned her master’s degree while working full time, discusses her experience as well as her favorite memory at Spalding.

What is your favorite Spalding memory?

Goben: My favorite memory of the MSBC program is simply all of the people I have met throughout the program. Dr. Hinkle has quickly become a mentor to me and my peers never stop amazing me with their determination to reach their goals. I know I have met lifelong friends and created a network that will help me reach my goals in the future.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during your time at Spalding?

Goben: I am most proud to be graduating from the MSBC program with a 4.0. This is not something I have done before, so it feels good to see all my hard work pay off. It is especially nice since I completed the program in one year while working full time.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the patio off the second floor of the ELC. It is a great spot to hideaway in, relax, eat and take naps in the hammocks! It has even helped me get a few unintentional sunburns this spring.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Spalding will forever hold a special place in my heart. The last year has been full of ups and downs but the support that this school gives is second to none. I was very nervous coming into the Master of Science in Business Communication, but I realized early on I was going to be okay. I would encourage anyone who is considering furthering their education to not only consider Spalding but especially the MSBC program.