Golden Eagle Mascot Reveal

Transcript of Spalding University Golden Eagle Mascot Reveal video

00:02: Winged hand tosses toothbrush to a packed suitcase

00:04: Adds sunglasses

00:07: Adds Spalding University pendant, plane ticket, passport and two bags of bird seed

00:20: Attempts to shut suitcase and then removes a bag of bird seed

00:25: Checks off the packing list

00:29: Shuts suitcase and fiddles with locks on suitcase

00:35: Suitcase is on floor and mascot bird feet approach

00:37: Picks up the suitcase, which falls open, and tries to place contents back in case

00:41: Shuts and locks door

00:42: Mascot bird feet walk down a hallway and then ascend stairs to the airplane

00:53: Flight attendant offers refreshments then a bag of birdseed, which winged hands grab

01:04: Camera zooms in on mascot which is obscured by Spalding University brochure

01:14: Camera cuts to plane in the sky flying over a sign to Louisville

01:23: Bird feet descend down airplane stairs

01:29: Camera pans up to reveal full body Spalding University Golden Eagle mascot standing in front of a bodyguard

01:35: (Bodyguard) Confirmation. The eagle has landed.

01:42: Eagle walks from plane to limo and gives limo driver a hi-five as limo driver opens the car door

01:47: Stretch limo drives down road and eagle is visible from the back window, which is rolled down

01:50: Camera cuts to limo driving down highway and Eagle waving out the window at a sign that reads: Spalding University Exit 135

01:55: Eagle exits limo in front of Columbia Gym at Spalding University campus, places hands on hips, inspects building and nods at the camera

02:06: Eagle runs up steps to Columbia Gym, turns to the camera and gives thumbs-up in air

02:16: Fades to a black screen with SU athletic logo and hashtag #SpaldingMascot