Keenan Lecture

March 29 – 5:30 PM

Spalding University and the School of Liberal Arts is proud to welcome Reverend Stachelle Bussey, the Founder and Executive Director of The Hope Buss for the 37th Annual Keenan Lecture. Since 2018, The Hope Buss has worked to establish partnerships and empower people. Her emphasis is on education, community resources, food insecurity, physical and mental health.

The Keenan Lecture was established in 1982 to honor the memory of Dr. Mary Emily Keenan, S.C.N., and is sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts. Her career in the fields of religious studies and classical languages was distinguished by fifty years of teaching at Spalding University, twenty of which she served as chair of the Religious Studies Department.

Troutman Lectorium, Egan Leadership Center (901 S. 4th Street)

Damian Botner
Email: [email protected]

Past Lectures

1982 – The Mystery of Jesus, Human and Divine

1983 – On Burning Diplomas and Reading Books: Knowledge and Experience in the Growth of Faith

1984 – Confirmation on Trial

1985 – The Power of Imagination and Poetic Symbol in Spiritual Development

1986 – The Impact of Jewish Mysticism on Christian Spirituality: Reflections on the Work of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

1987 – Loyalty and Dissent: Catholic Perspectives on Non-Infallible Teachings

1988 – The Multi-Faces of Family: Challenges to Catechetical and Pastoral Ministry

1989 – My Brother or My Enemy? The Question of Anti-Semitism in the Writings of St. Paul

1990 – Heritage and Horizons: Two Hundred Years of Catholic Church History in America

1991 – Catherine of Siena: Woman of Peace and Justice

1992 – Our Life in God: Learning to Accept Acceptance

1993 – When Can You Pull the Plug? Ethics, Law, and the Terminally Ill Patient

1994 – Biblical Roots of Love: Toward a Lasting Peace in the Middle East

1995 – The True Emancipation of Women in Church and Society

1996 – Jesus & Sexuality: What the New Testament Can Teach Us

1997 – Theology and Practice of Lay Ministry: Looking Toward the 21st Century

1998 – Biblical Faith and New Age Thinking: What Do They Have in Common?

1999 – The Women in John’s Gospel: A Feminist Perspective

2000 – Slaves in the Family: The Catholic Experience in Kentucky

2001 – Globalization: What’s Going On? What’s It Doing to Us?

2002 – Responses to Terrorism: Reflections for Christians

2003 – We Pray with Open Hands: The Experience of Christians in Iraq

2004 – Poverty Reduction: A Shared International Mission (Shalini Dsouza, SCN)

2005 – Global Water Scarcity: Its Causes and Its Effects on the Poor and the Ecosystems of the Earth (Phyllis Hannon, SCN)

2006 – Catherine Spalding: Pioneer Spirit in Kentucky’s Community (Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN)

2007 – Gender, Power, and the Divine: a Quantum Search for Justice (Lucy M. Freibert, SCN, Ph.D.)

2008 – Seeing in the Dark, Spiritual Resources on Justice and Peace for Troubled Times (Joe Grant)

2009 – Ecofeminism-A Feminist Response to the Oppression of the Earth and Its Inhabitants (Dr. Adeline Fehribach)

2010 – Wisdom’s Trajectories: Woman Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible (Rev. Dr. Johanna W. H. van Wijk-Bos)

2011 – Through My Eyes: The Rights of Women in Islam (Haleh Karimi)

2012 – Saving the American Dream: A New Vision for Race, Politics, and Difference in the Global Age (Dr. Johnny B. Hill)

2013 – Faith and Politics: Therapists Needed (Rev. Dr. Marian McClure Taylor)

2014 – The Bluegrass Pipeline: Working for Justice (Tom Fitzgerald, Sr. Kathy Wright, & Cara Cooper)

2015 – Organic Torah: Spirit, Systems & Sustainability (Natan Margalit)

2016 – Performing Religion (Yasmeen M. Siddiqui)

2017 – Yoga Across Borders: Politics, Rituals, and Myths in a Growing Global Industry (Dr. Andrea Jain)

2018 – Insights from the World’s Great Religious Traditions for an Alternative Social Logic (Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty)

2019 – Becoming Our True Selves at the Borders (Dr. Luther Smith)

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