Bachelor of Science in Biology


The School of Natural Science offers the BS in Biology degree for students interested in strong, comprehensive biological studies. As a student in our biology program, you will gain a solid foundational understanding of biology and can explore further fields such as molecular biology, ecology, physiology, and organismal biology. You’ll go deeper in your understanding of biological concepts with supportive studies in mathematics, chemistry, and physics and gain the communication and critical thinking skills, essential to meeting the needs of the times, through general liberal arts study.

Our Natural Science program faculty are invested in your success. They serve as academic advisors who can guide you in scheduling your classes and applying to post-bachelor programs. In addition, as a biology major, you will enjoy small class sizes, innovative laboratories, student organizations, and research opportunities.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s in biology, you will be prepared for an immediate healthcare, laboratory or government career or further study in graduate and professional schools. Here at Spalding, our biology major prepares you for the entry-level foundation of all things natural science related, sparking curiosity and passion that will lead to effective change in the world.

Program Details

Earn your biology degree in 120 credit hours

  • 52 hours of general studies
  • 59 hours of major course
  • 9 hours of electives

Graduate in four years or less

Other features of our Biology program

  • Small class size allows a comfortable and familiar feel between students and faculty
  • Lab space and equipment provide hands-on, quality time instrumentation and faculty instruction
  • Assignment of a full-time biology faculty member as academic advisor
  • Tutoring offered outside of classroom learning
  • Reimbursement for one entrance exam for graduate or professional school (GRE, MCAT, etc)
  • Hands-on learning,cadaver dissection, instrumentation facilities for chemistry and physics, as well as a dedicated tissue-culture lab

Student Testimonial

Biology-Related Career Opportunities

Graduates of our School of Natural Science have gone on to excel as:


Health professionals known as physicians whose primary role is to prevent and treat health issues to their medical patients. Relative to natural sciences, doctors use their knowledge of healthcare to examine, diagnose, and prescribe what is needed to patients based on their medical history and needs.

Medical professionals that oversee and distribute medications like pharmaceuticals or perscription drugs to the general public. Pharmacists have an extensive background in natural sciences before continuing through further education in pharmacy school.

Dentists are medical doctors specializing in oral health care and hygiene. Much like physicians, in their respective role, dentists work to maintain, treat, and prevent issues regarding their patients teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth.
Scientific Researchers

Individuals passionate about natural science and using data-collection to apply to both theoretical and experimental reasoning. Research scientists do this through publication, experiments, and investigations with a bottom line to support or develop additional theories to what currently stands.
Physician Assistants

Medical assistants to surgeons and medical doctors, physician assistants have the pedigree to examine patients, diagnose injuries or other medical issues and write prescriptions for treatment. Physician assistants have a master’s degree and many of their pathways to graduate study started with an undergrad in natural science.

Our biology degree provides the foundational requisite for medical doctors specializing in the treatment of animals. Veterinarians work in private clinics, hospital settings where needed such as zoos, farms, and even attend to family’s personal homes if necessary. Veterinarians perform surgeries, diagnose disease, treat infections, and prescribe medication based on the animal and situation given.

Please note: Some career options listed require further education in related field.


To be admitted to the biology program, you must first apply and be admitted to Spalding University. Once you meet your general requirements, you can declare your major.

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