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See our Return to Campus plan and guidelines for staying Healthy Together at Spalding.


What makes Spalding unique?

At Spalding, we cultivate a supportive space for all of our students to learn and grow. Here are a few things that make us unique.

Top 5 reasons to keep Spalding at the top of your list

Our blocks rock

Spalding is the only college in the state of Kentucky to offer a six-week block approach to learning. However you want to achieve your degree, you’ll find success by building a schedule that works for you. Choose to focus on one course at a time, or take on more. You can enroll in up to 18 hours per semester while never taking more than two classes per session. But don’t worry about academic burnout, you can rest and recharge for a full week after every six-week session.

Learn more about our block schedule.

Private education at a public college cost

Spalding is among the most affordable private institutions in the state of Kentucky. Ninety-nine percent of our first-time, full-time students receive financial aid, including scholarships and grants. Our financial aid staff will work closely with you to reduce your out-of-pocket expense, making your investment in private education as affordable, if not more affordable, than a public institution.

Learn more about our scholarship opportunities.

A community of world changers

Our students are changing the world. As the first-certified compassionate university in the world (Compassionate Action Network), we provide a home for students who want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. We have a long-standing history of serving our community. In fact, our founder Mother Catherine Spalding was a pioneer of education and service in the Louisville area. Become part of this community and become a part of a movement to make the world a better place. 

See our mission.

Your city, your campus

As Louisville’s only downtown university, Spalding is an exciting place to live, learn, work and play.Our small, family-like community enjoys the amenities and beauty of living in a river city that is among the best places to live in the U.S. Our two residence halls make campus living convenient, safe and fun. With our downtown location, you can walk to popular restaurants, events, concerts and entertainment establishments.

A competitive education

Our NCAA Division III Golden Eagle athletic program allows over 200 scholar-athletes to play college sports. Athletes are known for their perseverance, dedication and team-building skills. Combine this with a Spalding education and you will be prepared for success after college.

If athletics isn’t your thing, we offer opportunities for involvement that will build your résumé to give you a competitive edge.

Learn more about our small college in the big city.

And one more reason just because…

An eccentric tradition

Over 45 years ago, one of our professors started our longest-running tradition, The Running of the Rodents, as a stress reliever during finals week. This tradition has been featured on international radio shows and was even a question on the board game Trivial Pursuit. To this day, our students still adopt, train, and race rodents on a miniature track, in a Derby-style race.