Student Blog | How Spalding’s 6-week sessions help me succeed in college

Zahra Benmeka, Spalding student

One thing about Spalding University that has had a great impact on the success as a college student is Spalding’s six-week academic sessions.

At Spalding, instead of more traditional semester-long sessions that may meet 2-3 times a week, most undergraduate courses are taught in six-week sessions, with classes meeting four days per week. There are seven six-week sessions during the academic year, including one in the summer.

Students usually take 1-3 classes per session while remaining full-time student, and after a session ends, there is a one-week break before the next six-week session begins with new course.

At Spalding, I believe the academic workload is much easier to manage because students are taking the fewer number of classes per session.

This allows students to focus all their energy and time on the success of those 1-3 classes, instead of being overwhelmed with 4-6.  Finals week can still feel overwhelming, for sure, but not as overwhelming as it would be if more classes were being taken at once.

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Spalding’s nontraditional schedule also helps students not have a tedious semester because with every six weeks, new classes are introduced. You get to have new classmates and the chance to connect with different people.

Spalding’s professors have years of experience teaching in the six-week format. They are understanding and offer all the help they can to ensure the success of their students during a fast-moving session. For people who not only enjoy working in a fast pace but like to change things up once in a while, this is perfect.

Finally, not only are six-week classes easier to manage, but the break week between sessions has been of great help. I use that week to take a break from school and mentally recharge for the upcoming session. I am someone who tends to get stressed a lot, and the break week has always helped me release all that stress.

For many reasons, I’m thankful for Spalding’s six-week sessions. They have helped me succeed in college.