Student Technology Resources

Student Technology Resources

Where does my student start?

The portal or is the gateway to academic, financial and all other electronic resources for students. Students can register online, check grades, class locations, update personal information, and access research materials through the portal. Also, all students are provided with an email account linked to the portal. Spalding uses Office 365 for email. This also provides students with access to OneDrive for up to 1 TB of online document storage.

Where can my student get technology support?

The Spalding IT department has a multiple resources for technology assistance. Students and families can visit our How Do I… ? help page. For telephone assistance, please call 502-873-4547. Alternatively, you may email the Information Technology department at [email protected].

What is Canvas?

Spalding University uses a Learning Management System called Canvas to supplement all courses. Instructors post syllabi, assignments, quizzes, tests and other activities in Canvas for students. Class information including required textbooks is usually available on Canvas one or two weeks prior to the start of a class. Students can use Canvas messaging to contact their instructors with questions. Students are also encouraged to download the Canvas Student app. For more information on Canvas, check out our Canvas Student Quickstart Guide.

What technology will my student need for school?

Some programs have specific technology needs, but in general a laptop or desktop running Windows 10 or macOS Sierra or newer will be sufficient. If you are planning to purchase a computer, check for student discounts. HP, Dell, and Apple offer discounts for students purchasing with their college email address. In addition, Spalding students have access to Microsoft Office for free to install on multiple computers and mobile devices. For students who do not have a computer, the University has computer labs in the library available whenever the library is open. Labs in other buildings are also available when not in use by classes.

The University provides Wi-Fi throughout campus and in the residence halls. Students living on campus may bring a printer, but the University has printers in the residence halls and library at a cost of 8 cents per page. Students are given a $4 credit toward printing each year.

What student information can a Parent/Guardian access?

University communications are directed to a student’s Spalding email address and federal law requires that student’s grant permission to release information to parents or guardians. Students can create a “Proxy” account to give a parent or guardian access to financial aid, billing information, and notifications on the Spalding website. The link to do this is on the Spalding portal ( under the Link Launcher. Proxy access allows you to see what your student sees and setup a payment plan or pay bills on your student’s behalf.

Emergency Notifications

The University uses e2Campus to provide emergency notifications and announcements about campus closures due to inclement weather. Parents/Guardians can setup accounts as well on our Spalding University Alerts Subscriber Portal.

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