Academic Resources

The Academic Success Center at Spalding University provides an array of tailored programming and support for students. The Academic Success center offices are all located in the Spalding University library. Spalding University recognizes that students enter the university with a wide array of academic, personal, and community experiences that shape their approach to education. The Academic Success Center at Spalding University strives to collaborate with students to provide tools for students to access their educational experiences.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching is a helpful tool for many students as they work towards their academic goals. A success coach will meet with you regularly set academic goals, connect you to campus, resources, and provide accountability and support as you pursue your degree. Students often use success coaching to help with balancing their workload.

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Math Lab

The goal of the Math Lab is to help students succeed in their coursework and test-taking, and to make math less intimidating in the process. The Math Lab also offers support with math problems and test preparation for the Accuplacer, TEAS, Math Praxis, and other standardized exams.

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Reading Lab

The Reading Lab works with undergraduate and graduate students who would like to improve academic reading skills, discuss difficult reading assignments, or learn strategies for reading in various subject areas. Reading Lab appointments are available every weekday, in-person or virtually, for students to work with an academic reading specialist.

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Writing Center

The Spalding University Writing Center is a collaborative space where students can seek help with planning, drafting and editing all forms of academic writing. The main goal is tutoring, not editing, as instruction and guidance are more effective than one-time edits. The Writing Center serves students at all levels, from First-Year Writing Courses to Capstone and Dissertation writing through one-on-one writing consultations which focus not only on improving the piece of writing being discussed but on giving the student the tools for revision. Our goal is that students will leave their consultations more confident in their writing ability. The Writing Center is an invaluable resource for students, as writing is a core skill necessary for student success, and our goal is to provide a non-judgmental space for student s at all levels to practice and strengthen that skill.

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Eagle Scholars

Students may be admitted into the Eagle Scholars Program based on their high school GPA or previous educational experiences. The Eagle Scholar Program provides enhanced and targeted academic and psychological supports, including select course scheduling, tutoring support, success coaching, and success workshops to help participants identify academic goals and resources. Participants are required to complete the following in their first semester: attend Eagle Scholars Orientation, meet weekly with their assigned success coaching, attend workshop/tutoring/study hall for ten hours, and be in good academic standing at the end of the first semester of college.

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Bridge to SU

We understand that transitioning into college can be difficult, and that’s why we have created Bridge to SU. This program allows you to start your student journey a little early by taking summer classes. Bridge to SU prepares you for college life and introduces you to the community through service learning. The goal is to make college more equitable and increase student success.

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English Language Learner Services

We provide specialized supports for students who are English Language Learners (non-native speakers of English). We can help students with grammar, vocabulary development, speaking, and listening skills in English. We do this through tutoring, homework help, success coaching, conversation practice, and oral presentation practice. We work closely with our colleagues in the Writing Center to help students with their writing assignments. Students can opt in to our services, and faculty can refer students who they think might benefit from some extra support. We also encourage and support student leaders who want to start a student organization built around their native language, ethnic, racial, or religious identity (i.e. Asian Student Union, Hispanic Achievers, or Islamic Student Association).

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Resource Links

Cold Turkey

Turn off websites and notifications from distracting you while doing homework and assignments.


Mindfulness and meditation app


Mindfulness and meditation app

Inspiration Maps

Allows you to create maps and brainstorm information.

One Note

Part of Microsoft Office Suite, which is provided for download at no additional cost to all Spalding students, allows the student to take notes and record lectures simultaneously. Instructions here: Record Audio or Video Notes.


Virtual planner; input tests, homework, projects and receive reminders for when they are coming up.


Organizational planning for tasks and schedules

Evernote Skitch

Annotations and markup tools are available to share ideas and better study materials.


Online resource that gives students the ability to study and create study material via flash cards, games. and other modes.

Snap & Read

Includes, text-to-speech, PDF support, translator and word simplification

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