10:30 AM Thursday, August 24

Broadly speaking, convocation refers to a large gathering assembled for a special purpose. When it comes to its use amongst colleges and universities, it differs depending on the institution. Some colleges and universities use convocation to describe a beginning of the year ceremony, while others at the end of the year to celebrate academic success. Some even use it to describe their graduation ceremonies.

Here at Spalding University, convocation is a ceremony to observe the opening of the academic year. It is meant to welcome all students, but especially our new and transfer students, as members of our scholarly community and to re-commit ourselves to our university mission as we begin the new academic year.

Spalding President Tori Murden McClure, on stage, at podium, addresses crowd of students at Commencement
Nazareth College Mansion


Spalding University, then Nazareth College, opened its doors to its inaugural class.

Dozens of college faculty and staff stand outside along the steps of Columbia Gym as college students file out and walk past
bucket of bronze-colored coins engraved with the Spalding mission statement

The mission coins hold great meaning within the Spalding community. They symbolize joining our community of learners and remind us of Spalding’s mission: to meet the needs of the times. When new students receive the mission coin, they commit to upholding Spalding’s values, following the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s service to the community, and promoting peace and justice.

As graduation approaches, reflect on your time at Spalding and identify someone who embodies the mission represented by the coin. It could be a faculty or staff member, a supervisor, a family member; anyone who puts the mission into action. On graduation day, pass on your coin to this person and welcome them into our community of learners, helpers and doers.

Spalding University is a diverse community of learners dedicated to meeting the needs of the times in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth through quality undergraduate and graduate liberal and professional studies, grounded in spiritual values, with emphasis on service and the promotion of peace and justice.

Spalding Mansion building front from Fourth Street