Meet Natural Science Faculty


Jennifer Flowers Doyle, PhD

Chair, School of Natural Science
Associate Professor of Biology

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Dr. Jennifer Doyle teaches a variety of biology courses at Spalding University, including Introductory Biology, Genetics, and Cell Biology. She has previously taught biology-related courses at the University of Kentucky, the University of Cincinnati, and Indiana University Southeast. Dr. Doyle’s current research aims to discover new bacteriophages and characterize their genomes. Dr. Doyle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Xavier University in Cincinnati and a Master of Science and PhD in Plant Pathology from the University of Kentucky. She started teaching at Spalding University in 2006 and became Chair of the School of Natural Science in 2019.


Victor Andrade, PhD

Assistant Professor, Physics and Mathematics

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Dr. Andrade’s education and research interests have ranged across many areas in Physics and Mathematics, focusing primarily upon chaos theory, magnetic resonance, high energy particle physics, and computational physics. Most of his work has been extensively in computer simulations and modeling of physical systems. Some of his projects have included: computer simulations of radio detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos at the south pole, an investigation of the effect of noise on phase synchronization of coupled chaotic oscillators, stability of satellites at Lagrange points in the Earth-Moon system and the development of a two-microwave field electron spin resonance detection methods. Dr. Andrade has a master’s degree from California State University, Northridge and a PhD in Physics from the University of Kansas.

Philip Bauer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Lab Coordinator

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Dr. Bauer received his Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of Louisville. While finishing his Ph.D., Dr. Bauer served as Chemistry faculty at Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, from 2006 to 2009. Upon completion, Dr. Bauer began working as Senior Research Scientist at Endoprotech, Inc, a Louisville based small business specializing in liposome-based drug delivery systems. Dr. Bauer served as principal investigator for two NIH funded projects (Phase I and Phase II). In addition, Dr. Bauer was an Adjunct Professor at Bellarmine University in the Chemistry Department from 2016 to 2022.

Yohan Kim, MAT

Lecturer, Mathematics

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Yohan Kim is a lecturer at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Math for Elementary Teachers, and Statistics. He previously taught College Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry at the Sullivan College of Technology and Design in Louisville, Kentucky. He received a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati in 2015. His abstract thesis and interest is in Math Anxiety: The Causes, Effects, and Methodology for Prevention. He also served as the Math Lab director for three years at Spalding University.

Johnnie Newton, MS

Assistant Professor of Biology, Biology Lab Coordinator

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Johnnie Newton is an assistant professor of biology in the School of Natural Science. She holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Morehead State University. Johnnie teaches microbiology, anatomy and physiology labs, introductory biology labs and biology courses for non-majors. Her primary interest are epidemiology and microbiology.

Sashi Papu John, PhD

Lecturer, School of Natural Science

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Dr. Papu John is a lecturer at Spalding University and currently teaches Anatomy & Physiology as well as Pathophysiology. She has previously taught various courses of biology at Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Indiana University Southeast, and the University of Madras in India. She graduated from the University of Madras with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Zoology, and Master of Philosophy and a PhD in Endocrinology. She pursued research for about 10 years at the University of Tennessee (UT) and the University of Louisville (UofL). Her research included molecular & reproductive endocrinology, renal vascular pathophysiology, diabetic nephropathy, and clinical translational research in cancer biology (lung, breast, prostate, bladder, colon). She has recently mentored undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and Medical students in Molecular research at the University of Louisville.

Lisa Potts, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Potts teaches anatomy and neuroscience courses for the Occupational Therapy and Athletic Training graduate programs at Spalding University. She graduated from Centre College with a BS in Psychobiology and went on to obtain her doctorate in Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology from the University of Louisville. Dr. Potts received training in neurophysiology and neuropharmacology as a post-doctoral scholar at Emory University studying novel treatment strategies for Parkinson’s disease in non-human primates. She continued training as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Kentucky working on studies of neuroprotection in non-human primate and rodent models of Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Potts then expanded her study to spinal cord injury as a senior research associate in the KSCIRC at the University of Louisville. There she worked with SCI patients studying the effects of epidural spinal cord stimulation on the cardiovascular system. In addition to overseeing the anatomy and neuroscience courses in the MSAT and OTD programs, Dr. Potts serves on multiple university committees working to serve the students and faculty of Spalding in a variety of ways.

Larry Reining

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator

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Mr. Reining has been teaching chemistry labs and courses for over 35 years. He has also served as a librarian and library director during that time. He has won “Teaching Assistant of the Year” awards at both Purdue and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mr. Reining holds a BS in Chemistry from Houghton College and a MS in Inorganic Chemistry from Purdue University. He has extensive doctoral training in Post-Secondary Chemical Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a M.A.L.I.S. in Library Science from Northern Illinois University.

Jeremy White, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics

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Jeremy White is an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the School of Natural Science at Spalding University. After working in a corporate setting for a brief period, he decided to pursue a career as a professor so he could combine his love of mathematics and teaching. He earned a B.A. at Colgate University and then went on to complete both an M.A. and Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Louisville.