Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Transcending barriers between the arts and social sciences, this bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies (formerly liberal studies) allows you to combine courses in two or three of the following areas of study: African American studies, communication studies, creative arts, creative writing, English, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, anthropology and history. You’ll explore how the cultural and social contributions of world civilizations impact contemporary global issues.


Your faculty advisor will work closely with you as you select your courses, choose your internship site and organize a program of study that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant.

A bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies prepares you to:

  • Integrate knowledge across subjects
  • Develop awareness, acceptance and appreciation of diversity
  • Deepen your problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences

Career Options

With this degree, you’ll be ready for graduate school or a career in a variety of fields, including:

  • Fine arts
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Government
  • Social services