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Donor Societies

Donor Recognition Levels

We appreciate your contribution to Spalding University. Just as our mission calls us to “meet the needs of the times”, we recognize that you too feel called to make Spalding a better place for our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and neighbors. Your gift, no matter the size, educates and empowers students who care about their communities and want to make the world a better place. By giving back, you inspire others to give.

851 Leadership Society

An annual gift of $851 or more qualifies you for membership in the 851 Leadership Society. The number “851” refers to the address of Spalding’s historic Tompkins-Buchanan-Rankin Mansion, the original downtown location.

Benefits to members:

  • Special acknowledgement during on-campus events
  • Appear in the 851 Leadership Society honor roll of donors
  • Recognized in Commencement Ceremony program
  • Invitation to special events

Gift Range: $851 – $4,999

Mother Catherine Spalding Society

An annual gift of $5,000 or more qualifies you for membership in the Mother Catherine Spalding Society, Spalding’s premier annual giving club. The society name pays homage to Spalding University’s great founder, Mother Catherine Spalding, leader of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Benefits to members:

  • On-campus recognition
  • Appear in the Mother Catherine Honor Roll of Donors
  • Invitation and acknowledgment during special events
  • Recognized in Commencement Ceremony program

Gift Range: $5,000 or more

Recent Alumni 851 Society

Members of the Recent Alumni 851 Society receive all benefits associated with the 851 Leadership Society at a giving level that is accessible to even our newest alumni.

Benefits apply while qualifying in the following gift ranges:

  • Student to 3 years post graduation  – $8.51/month ($102.12)
  • 4 to 6 years post graduation – $20/month ($240)
  • 7 to 9 years post graduation – $40/month ($480)

Recent graduates who give $851 or more per year will receive all benefits associated with the Mother Catherine Spalding Society.

Gift Range: $851 or more

Pelican Society

An annual gift of less than $851 qualifies you for membership in the Pelican Society. Gifts made every year at this level compose the foundation of annual giving. This society honors donors whose support is vital to the university’s efforts to distinguish itself as the first and focused compassionate university.

Benefits to members:

  • Appear in the Pelican Society Honor Roll of Donors
  • On-campus recognition

Gift Ranges:

  • Compassion Pelican: $500-850
  •  Peace Pelican: $250-499
  •  Service Pelican: $100-249
  • Spirit Pelican: $1-99

Tulip Poplar Society

Legacy gifts are recognized by membership within the Tulip Poplar Society, named after the historic Tulip Poplar tree donated to the university by the first graduating class of 1924. The majestic tree is still in the center of campus and stands for the lifelong commitment alumni, family and friends have made to the university.

Learn more at our Tulip Poplar site.