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HuffThe Huff Gallery at Spalding University is excited to host a selection of prints from the Calliope Print Collection. Curator, Stacey Reason has sorted through more than 1,000 prints to put together a sleek, cheeky, and technically proficient selection to present the diversity of the collection and capacity of the medium.

Printmaking has evolved from a purely reproductive process to its own artistic medium, gaining creative rights and freedoms along the way. Similar to the evolution of photography into the art world, printmaking has found its place in the technologically advancing industry of fine art. The flexibility of processes allows for intricate layering, punchy colors, and classic runs of text, image, and photographic applications.

Select/Collect is a care-free, self-guided trip through the Calliope files. As the printmaking tradition goes, much of the collection was acquired through trade – trade of labor, trade of art, trade of space. The print market often operates on a different value system than other artistic mediums, allowing for the free-floating nature of prints traveling over the planet by way of studio visits, visiting artists, portfolios, and conferences. The print world is a bustling cluster of ink soaked aprons and secret society-like bonds, evident in the unique presentations and styles of these selected prints.

Join us  as we take an insider’s peek at the Calliope Arts Print Collection and check out an exclusive audio interview with the two collectors, the curator and the host from “Blind Date,” an arts podcast by local thinker and tinkerer Bobby Barbour that posts weekly interviews with new creatives from the Louisville area, its sister cities, and beyond.

The exhibition will have a public opening reception on Friday, September 5th from 6-8 p.m. and closes on October 24th.

A selection of prints from the Calliope Print Collection
September 5 – October 24, 2014
Reception:  Friday, September 5,   6:00 – 8:00 pm

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