In 2014, Spalding University dared to be bold. Dared to dream that seven and a half acres on the Ninth Street corridor could be something other than a deserted, aging concrete remnant long abandoned. As of Fall 2019, our dream has been realized. Spalding held a grand opening on Oct. 23, 2019 to unveil the athletic field complex, which elevates the SoBro revitalization initiative and increases community awareness regarding brownfield sites and redevelopment. The complex will for the first time provide on-campus home fields for Spalding’s men’s and women’s soccer and softball teams and will create the opportunity to add new sports programs, such as lacrosse and field hockey, in the future. In addition, this project will inform community leadership that there is an institutional interest in future development of the neighborhood while serving as a model for other cities that pursue projects focused on sustainability and environmentally sensitive design. With a future phase planned to construct a fieldhouse that will improve the athlete and visitor experience, Spalding still needs financial support for this project. So dream with us.