Incident Reporting

Anonymous Report Form

Your wellbeing is our priority. If you have experienced any form of discrimination or simply have feedback, please let us know. You can share your input anonymously. If you would like to speak to someone or you have experienced an incident, please include your name so we can follow up with you. We will connect you to the appropriate persons. We only use this information for communication purposes between you and our DEI office. Faculty and staff cannot access any of your provided information without your voluntary agreement to proceed with an in-person mediation process.

For emergencies, please call the appropriate help line, listed below.

In case of emergency, dial 911.

If your emergency involves sexual assault, stalking, or domestic violence, call the 24-hour Rape Crisis Line at (319) 335-6000.

For campus safety, dial (502) 873-4444 or email [email protected].

Incident Reporting

Do you wish to remain anonymous?

Where did this incident occur?

To the best of your knowledge, in which academic program, school, college, or department did the incident occur?

In what context did the incident occur?

What behaviors were experienced or witnessed? (please check all that apply)

Did the incident include social media, digital communications, or printed materials? If so, please check all that apply. If not, please leave blank.

What was the focus of the behavior? (please check all that apply)

On whose behalf are you filing this report?

If filing on behalf of someone else, are they aware you are filing this report?

Following the incident, have you been in contact with anyone involved?

Which group does the person/group who engaging in the reported behaviors belong to?

How does this incident impact you?

Which group does the person/group impacted belong to?

Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

As the first certified compassionate university in the world, Spalding makes inclusivity and equity a priority. We are building a strong, diverse community of learners, leaders, and future professionals who will serve their communities with passion for their work and compassion for one another. Visit our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources page to connect with physical and mental health services, to get help with accessibility issues or to find answers to some frequently asked questions.