MSAT Tuition & Fees

Tuition, Travel and Other Costs

The MSAT program at Spalding is a 62 credit hour degree. Current tuition rates can be found at Spalding’s general Tuition and Fees page under the Graduate tab. For the ’23-’24 academic year, the cost per credit hour is $815. Students will complete 4 core semesters and 1 summer term. Throughout the program curriculum students complete 4 clinical education rotations that may require additional travel costs, which vary from student to student. Students are required to provide their own transportation for clinical education rotations.

There are additional costs associated with the MSAT program. These include textbooks, orientation fees, professional memberships, clinical education costs, etc. We’ve estimated these costs for you. You can view our 2022-2023 estimated MSAT program costs (PDF) as you budget for your graduate education.

Federal Student Loans

Tuition, housing, and other expenses may be covered by federal student loans.

Federal loans for graduate school are available to most U. S. citizens (and eligible non-citizens) unless they have defaulted on previous student loans or have reached the lifetime limit (see Full-time graduate students are usually eligible to borrow up to $20,500 per year.

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