To Our Students: Count on the Academic Support Team To Help You Succeed During These Trying Times

Dr. Katherine Walker-Payne, Director of Academic Support Services
Katherine Walker-Payne

Dear Spalding Students,

As you transition to online classes in the coming week in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, know that the university’s academic support team continues to support your success in the (virtual) classroom. While we are also adjusting to working from home, we are accustomed to working with students in an online environment. Whether it’s planning your fall schedule, or making adjustments to Session 5 as your commitments shift, please know that your Academic Support team is eager to help.

Academic Advising and Career Development services are all available completely online. Contact your advisor or email [email protected] to set up an appointment. We will set up a video chat, and we can continue to work together to address any issues or questions you have.

If you find yourself with a little extra downtime, it is a great time to make sure your resume is in great shape. Career Development is equipped to help with job-search strategies, career counseling, resume reviews and mock interviews in an online environment. Additionally, you can contact Career Development at [email protected] for a list of employers who are looking to cover increased needs related to the effects of COVID-19.

While it may be tempting to consider stepping away from school, I encourage you to stick with your classes. Having routine and normalcy is one of the best things you can do for yourself right now. As a student, you are already in the routine of attending class and turning in school work. While COVID-19 has upended my daily routines, too, I find that the more I maintain my usual routine, the better I feel.

Here are other tips for academic success during this time.

Before you drop classes or change your schedule around, talk to your advisor. We want you to stay on track with your course progression. We don’t want you to have unintended Financial Aid consequences. The current disruption to our lives is temporary, and it is our job to help you stay on track and help you meet your goals and timelines.

Work with your advisor to map out your weeks. We are happy to review your syllabus with you and help you create a weekly plan for your assignments. Alternatively, partner with a friend or classmate and check in with them regularly to discuss progress in class.

Use what would have been your regular class and study schedule to focus on your online class. Online classes require excellent time-management skills. Build your daily routine around finding time to do school work.

Claim time for yourself. Whether FaceTiming with friends, taking a walk or playing video games, it is important that you build time into your schedule to spend as you prefer. Take up a new hobby or interest, or tackle a project you’ve been meaning to get to for some time!

The rapid changes are stressful right now. You may have lost your job, or may be working increased hours. You or a family member may be ill. You may have limited access to technology at home. While we all want you to learn your course materials, please let your professor know what extenuating circumstances you have going on to work out a plan.

Spalding has transitioned to a new fully online textbook store that is up and running –  –  but shipping may take a day or two.

Technology won’t always work. You or your classmates may not always know exactly what you’re doing. Find the memes that address the everyday ridiculousness of our situation or create your own.

You can access Academic Advising and Career Development by phone (502-873-4169) or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Stay safe and study hard!

Katherine Walker-Payne is the Director of Academic Support at Spalding University. Contact her at [email protected]