Spalding Occupational Therapy Doctoral Candidate Returns Home for Capstone

Spalding OT student Brandi Reynolds at Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi.

Brandi Reynolds, a Spalding University doctoral candidate in the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy, has returned to her hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi to complete her capstone experience. Her work in the field of social and emotional regulation is now being put to the test through her daily hands-on program at the Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi.

“Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on increasing the wellbeing of individuals through activities of daily living, and it is very brand. That is the beautiful thing about OT,” said Reynolds.

In her work with Boys & Girls Club members, Brandi encourages confidence, awareness and self-empowerment. Her focus involves providing social and emotional tools in a safe space, so that children and young adults might learn to solve problems on their own. Members are challenged to consider others in their environment, and to extend support and kindness whenever possible.

In a recent story from the Boys & Girls Club, Brandi recalled a story of a boy who overcame his shyness and asked another boy to join him in play. “And you could just tell the excitement in his voice,” said Reynolds, “that allowed him to feel his importance and value.”

The doctoral program for occupational therapy at Spalding University aspires to meet the needs of the times through compassionate action and evidence based practice. A self-directed capstone can be completed remotely from anywhere in the United States. We are dedicated to preparing our students for life post-graduation through hands-on experiences that they are passionate about. Many of our students find their next step through the capstone opportunities that they are given.

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