Back to School FAQs (Part 3: Transfer Process and Prepping for College)

Ethan Thornton and Anna Foshee

Welcome to the Back to School Part 3: Transfer Process and Prepping for College! My name is Ethan Thornton, I’m the Administrative Coordinator to the Dean of Students. Today we’re going to answer some of your top FAQs about the transfer process and going back to school today. I’ll be interviewing a couple of very knowledgeable guests about the transfer process.

How can I pick the right school the second time around?

Typically, transfer students might have another reason or goal in mind for the second school to transfer to.

Ask yourself:

  • What is it about the current school you are in that isn’t meeting your needs?
  • How can this new school benefit you in the future?
  • What you are looking for, and what are your goals? List them out. For example, if you are a working professional and want to find a degree that will help you in your career — consider one of Spalding’s programs, Masters of Science in Business Communication, to dive deeper into the soft skills that can be applied to any industry.
  • Are looking for a small class-size? At Spalding, get to know your faculty and receive personalized attention as opposed to a bigger university.

When should I transfer?

The best time to transfer can be different for every student. There are many factors to consider! It would depend on the academic year (Fall or Spring), would it benefit the student to finish the academic year or semester.

If a student is doing poorly in a class, he/she may want to drop the class or consider retaking it at a new school. Or the best option may be to start fresh at the beginning of the new academic year at a new school. A typical academic year is fall to spring. This doesn’t mean you need to start in the fall or the spring! However, not all colleges follow a traditional schedule.

At Spalding for example, we have a block schedule when classes run six weeks instead of a normal 15-week semester. We have seven block sessions throughout the year and accept transfer students at any of our session start dates.

Can I apply to a college that previously rejected my application?

Experts have said that you can apply to colleges that have rejected you, but it all depends on the school. Some may not review a resubmitted application. Check with a school’s admissions counselor or look for their admission policy. However! When you reapply to any college, there is always time to change and revise your application with more recent academic achievements, essays, and other accomplishments.

Should I finish my college degree?

Our answer? Yes! It is worth it to finish your degree.Did you know? Those who have received a bachelor’s degree earn $21,000 more on average compared to high school graduates (National Student Clearinghouse). Other things to consider is that unemployment rates for college graduates are lower! And a degree can give you a competitive advantage in advancing your career. Invest in yourself and invest in your passions at Spalding!

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