Important Update: National Student Clearinghouse Data Breach

National Student Clearinghouse Data Breach

Spalding University was notified by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) of a recent data breach. An unauthorized party obtained files from within the Clearinghouse’s systems that may have contained personal information of current and former Spalding students. The issue involved a vulnerability in a software tool the NSC uses, called MOVEit Transfer. Spalding University does not use the MOVEit Transfer tool and information stored by the University was not breached. The University sends student enrollment information to the NSC to comply with Department of Education student loan verification requirements and for issuing electronic transcripts.

The NSC has eliminated the vulnerability and is working with federal agencies and other third parties to determine which records and individuals are affected. The NSC has assured Spalding University that if any members of the Spalding community are affected, they will notify them directly. Thousands of schools use the National Student Clearinghouse, so students who have attended other colleges may receive multiple notices.

For more information, the NSC has setup this website –