Capstone – Entry-level OTD

Advance Your Knowledge

The Occupational Therapy Doctorate Capstone provides you with the opportunity to advance your knowledge, skills and competence for creating, managing and leading an innovative occupational therapy program. You are able to demonstrate your abilities in a specialty area of occupational therapy practice. For example, your capstone experience in a community agency might focus on advanced concepts in hand rehabilitation, a sensory processing program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or community mental health programming for individuals who are homeless. In the capstone experience you will create and lead a dynamic team that includes a faculty supervisor and agency mentor while enhancing health and human service programming for the selected population. At the conclusion of your capstone experience, you will develop a powerful piece of evidence-based scholarship that culminates with the presentation of your work.

Continuing Education

ASOT uses the online continuing education platform, Teachable, to disseminate students’ presentations and scholarly work. Learners may select from a library of unique presentations and earn free CEUs in the process.