Education in Leadership Student Shares About Surviving Cancer

Meredith Zahirovic wants to change the world, no matter the obstacles

“My name is Meredith Zahirovic and I am in the EDD in Leadership program at Spalding University. My objective really is I want to change the world, and I felt like I could do that just by coming here.

“I think Spalding was deemed the most most compassionate school in the U.S., and they have proven that to me, particularly through my recent cancer diagnosis.

“Aiming to get a degree in leadership is is one thing, and then learning from your professors beyond the books that they recommend or the assignments that they provide… I mean, they themselves are are demonstrating leadership by way of me having these unique needs. You know I’m not a standard student and and they aren’t standard standard teachers in the way that they have approached my diagnosis head on and really just supported me, wrapped their arms around me. I really just feel wrapped in love here at Spalding.

“I think Spalding works to help educate their students to solve complex problems and situations, things that are community-wide, country-wide, world-wide. My hope with obtaining this degree is to delve into to some of those really complex societal issues.”

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