Go to School FAQs (Part 3: Go to College/ Start College)

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Welcome to the Go To School FAQs Part 3: Go to College/ Start College, we’ll answer your top FAQs we get from students related to going to college and starting college. My name is Jeffrey and I am the Associate Director of Academic Advising at Spalding University.

When do classes start for college students?

College students typically begin school at the end of August year and it typically ends in May. Check your school’s academic calendar! We do have a unique six-week block schedule here at Spalding University where we actually only have our students take one or two classes every at a time every six weeks and that is one block.

Yes, they do really like the block schedule! A lot of students do come here because they like the ease of it, so you get a week off between every six weeks. They have three spring breaks and three fall breaks and our students don’t have class on Friday so they always get a three-day weekend.

What does the first week of college look like?

The first week of college is exciting! It’s brand new and it’s an opportunity for you to get acclimated with campus, to meet new people, and to network. Sometimes you get to meet some people in leadership that helps you get acclimated to opportunities on campus.

How do I get involved in college?

There are a lot of ways to get involved in college! We would highly recommend going to involvement fairs, going to “Week of Welcome,” meet different clubs and organizations. They often times have events throughout the first week of school and as well as throughout the year you usually have a campus activities board who puts together different events. We would highly recommend go make some friends, go out to those different events, and just be willing to put yourself out there and meet new people! Get involved, join a club, go to sports games. Spalding we offers division three athletics such as basketball, volleyball, etc.  Many other schools have their own athletics and recreation leagues. College is more fun when you get involved.

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