Go to School FAQs (Part 1: College Search)

Image of Jeffrey Cross talking about top FAQs of the college search process

Welcome to the Go To School FAQs Part 1: College Search, we’ll answer your top FAQs we get from students related to the college search process. My name is Jeffrey and I am the Associate Director of Academic Advising at Spalding University.

What are FAQs? FAQs mean frequently asking questions! So we will walk you through some of the top questions we get.

How much does college cost?

The cost of college can vary depending on the type of college that you go. You’ll want to research whether or not it’s a liberal arts private or public institution from there you’ll notice that there might be some merit-based scholarships that’ll help pay for college.

Yes, there is just like anything else you want to shop for what is going to work for you. Sometimes private loans can have less interest than government loans and sometimes there are privileges to paying off early whereas with the government regardless of when and how you pay your interest it is always going to be the same and it’s always going to accrue.

Do I need a college degree?

Yes, you do need a college degree because it increases your earning potential. It not only gives you that opportunity, but it also gives you access to progression in your career.

No, in fact college is way more than what you do in the classroom it’s how you navigate it as well you get critical thinking skills. You learn how to be a Global Citizen and you learn natural networking skills.

What are the best college majors?

If you feel overwhelmed by choosing a major just take a breath! Think about what you need for a great career opportunity for you. You can look online at websites for universities look at their majors under their undergraduate programs and kind of make some decisions. There’s something to note about Spalding is we do have relatively small class sizes about 11 students to one professor so you get to know your professor and they can actually help you make decisions on your major and you can ask some questions.

You can actually start undecided! You’re more than welcome to do that your first couple years you take do many prerequisite courses. So, often times students will go into college undecided and then declare a major sophomore or junior year.

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