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Stay up to date on our COVID-19 Return to Campus Plan.


Return to Campus and COVID-19 Information

On this webpage, Spalding will share important information about the University’s plans to return to campus in Fall 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus. Please scroll all the way through to find info that may apply to you. Also refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and Kentucky Department of Public Health for COVID-19 information. The state’s COVID-19’s hotline is 800-722-5725. 

From President McClure | Spalding to Welcome Students Back to Campus this Fall | June 17, 2020

June 17, 2020

Dear Spalding Community,

Thanks to the diligent work of many, I am pleased to announce that Spalding University will welcome students back to campus this fall.

Led by Chief of Staff and Dean of Operations Chris Hart, the Coordinating Committee for the Return to Campus has been meeting regularly to plan for the safe reopening of campus for in-class instruction, housing, athletics and other campus activities. The Return to Campus committee will issue a report in the coming weeks with guidelines for the Spalding Community.

All aspects of how the University operates will be in the context of ensuring the health and wellness of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, following guidance from state and local officials. This will include considerations for personal protective equipment and the safe configuring of classrooms, labs, residence halls, athletic facilities and other campus spaces.

Some initial updates:

  • Fall classes will include courses that are face-to-face, hybrid and online.
  • Web cameras will be in seated classes so that students who do not feel comfortable attending class in person will have the option to participate from home.
  • Leaders from Athletics and Residence Life have been working on protocols for safely welcoming student-athletes and residential students back to campus.
  • For several weeks, Spalding University’s Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) has been operating and seeing clients in a safe manner, and its successful reopening will serve as a model for other clinical and lab settings around campus.

We look forward to sharing additional updates from the planning committee.

We encourage our current and incoming students to move forward with registering for fall courses in anticipation of our return. We can’t wait to see our students again this fall.

May you, and all those you love, be well.

All the best,


Tori Murden McClure
Spalding University President

Other Return to Campus and COVID-19 Info

Return to Campus planning

On May 18, President McClure announced the creation of a “Return to Campus” committee, made up of representatives from all academic, operational and student-support departments, has been created and will be chaired by Chief of Staff and Dean of Operations Chris Hart.

President McClure followed up on June 17, 2020 announcing the University will welcome students back to campus this fall and that the Return to Campus Committee would soon issue a report with guidelines for a safe reopening.

FROM May 18 | President McClure announces creation of Return to Campus Planning Committee
FROM June 17 | President McClure announces Spalding will reopen this fall

Residential Students - Single-occupancy policy implemented for 2020-21
In an effort to lower density for the 2020-2021 academic year, every residential student will be assigned single-room occupancy in either Morrison Hall or the Spalding Suites while be charged the lower rate of a double room.

At single room occupancy, no more than 2-7 students will be living per suite in the Spalding Suites.
A number of private rooms will be set aside as isolation rooms for symptomatic students with access to single use restrooms and showers.

Students are asked to complete their Housing Preference Form by Friday, July 10. Students will receive a housing assignment on Wednesday, July 15. Residence Life Director Aaron Roberts wrote in a message to students on June 18 that Spalding will do its best to assign adjacent rooms to students who have requested a roommate. Guidelines from the governor and the CDC will inform the halls’ safe use of shared spaces.

In his June 18 email, Roberts said Spalding is confident that every student who applies for housing will receive a housing offer. However, the number of students Spalding is able to house this year will be limited based on government guidelines. If housing applications exceed our capacity, priority will be given to students who live more than 30 miles from campus.

Email questions to or contact

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Spalding classes to stay online-only for rest of 2019-20 academic year

For the safety of Spalding students and employees and our broader community, President McClure announced on April 17, 2020 that the University will continue offering all classes online for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year.  This means that all courses in Session 6 (May 11-June 19) and Session 7 (June 29-Aug. 7) will be conducted online, as will all upcoming graduate courses. Until further notice, the campus will remain closed with nearly all employees continuing to work from home.

On May 18, President McClure announced the creation of a “Return to Campus” committee, made up of representatives from all academic, operational and student-support departments, has been created and will be chaired by Chief of Staff and Dean of Operations Chris Hart.

FROM MARCH 11: President McClure announces initial move to online-only classes  
FROM MARCH 25: Provost Burden announces extension of online-only classes until May 11
FROM MAY 18: President McClure announces creation of Return to Campus Planning Committee

Commencement postponed until fall

President McClure announced in an April 30 campus message that Spalding’s Commencement ceremony, originally scheduled for June 6 at Canaan Christian Church, will be postponed until August, September or possibly October, with exact dates still to be determined.

Instead of the large university-wide ceremony in which a few thousand people gather in the same church sanctuary, Spalding will hold a series of smaller ceremonies for individual academic disciplines, likely spread out over multiple dates this fall and held at multiple venues on or around campus. This approach will help us limit the number of people who are on campus or at a single venue at the same time. Refer to President McClure’s April 30 message for more details.

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Students who plan to graduate should have submitted their Application for Graduation through Web Advisor by April 24.  Commencement 2020 is open to all graduating students who have already or will complete requirements from Oct.9, 2019 through Aug. 15, 2020.

Spalding acknowledged and celebrated its graduates in early June through content on the Spalding website and social media channels, including this Virtual Commencement Celebration video.

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Residential students - credits/refunds for 2019-20

Spalding anticipates offering a credit on tuition, housing or dining next semester to students who have left the residence halls and have no outstanding balance. The value of the credit will be based on the number of days campus is closed and the number of days the student is out of the hall. Federal regulations regarding financial aid will also be considered. Residential students, refer to an email from former Dean of Students Rick Hudson from the morning of Wednesday, March 25 for more information.

Please contact new Dean of Students Janelle Rae at or 502 873-4479 with any questions or concerns.

CARES Act - Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds reporting

Spalding University has distributed Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act.

As required by the U.S. Department of Education, Spalding is reporting the following details regarding the Emergency Financial Aid Grants at this link.

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Work-study students and graduate assistants
Spalding’s on-campus work-study students should stop working and not report to campus, though they will continue to be paid. Work-study students and supervisors can refer to an email sent by Financial Aid Director Michelle Standridge on March 13 for more explanation of their situation.

Graduate assistants, meanwhile, should also not report to campus and will continue to be paid, but they will be allowed to work from home with the approval of their supervisor. GAs, please contact your supervisor to see if work from home can be done in your area. GAs can refer to an email from Graduate Dean Kurt Jefferson on March 20 for more information, and they can contact him at with questions.

Clinicals, Practicums, Fieldwork, Experiential Education
Students enrolled in off-campus fieldwork, clinicals, practicums, internships and other such experiential educational programs are no longer required to continue those placements. Students should contact their Spalding instructor or program coordinator if they would like to continue working in their placements on a voluntary basis.
Technology form for students
With Spalding set to conduct all classes online for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year, students will need access to the Internet and a computer to complete their coursework.

Students who do not have access to a computer or tablet with a recent Windows or Mac operating system, or who do not have access to the Internet, should fill out this brief technology form to inform the university of your needs. If you have access to a computer and the Internet, don’t fill out the form.

The Spalding Library will remain accessible on a very limited basis for in-person visits to accommodate only the students who lack any other access to a computer and the Internet. You must receive permission to visit. See below or go to the library’s COVID-19 page for more information:

Refer to the “Student Resources” heading at the bottom of this page for information on offers from Charter Spectrum and other service providers to provide free broadband Internet access for college students.

May I use the library?

Effective Monday, March 30 until further notice, physical access to the Spalding University Library will be limited to specific faculty, staff, and students who otherwise lack the necessary technology to do their work from home. Please contact Senior Library Services Manager Mimi O’Malley or Chief Technology Officer Ezra Krumhansl for access. These patrons may enter the building through the accessible door with their Spalding ID. Community members, guests, children, and alumni are not permitted at this time to ensure appropriate social distancing.

We are asking patrons to remain only on the first floor of the library. The basement, 2nd, and 3rd floors are off limits. Restrooms on 2nd floor are available.  We have implemented increased sanitizing/cleaning procedures and the availability of hand sanitizer in the building.

The library also has created this COVID-19 web page regarding its current operations and its wide range of virtual and online services. Or you can contact the staff with questions.

New Pass/Fail Policy for Spring 2020

Spalding Provost Dr. John Burden wrote in a March 24 message to students that for Session 5 and Session 6, students will have the option of taking any class, including graduate courses, “pass/fail” instead for a letter grade policy.  Refer to Dr. Burden’s explanation of the new policy for more information.

The online form for requesting the pass/fail option is available at the following link:

Alternately, students can navigate to the form from Self-Service by opening the “Academics” menu and choosing the “Request Grade Change to Pass/Fail” option:

RELATED | Provost Burden’s announcement of new Pass/Fail policy

These changes are in response to the switch from face-to-face and hybrid instruction to online-only instruction. Taking a class pass/fail is optional. This policy revision is in effect for Spring 2020 only. Students, please should carefully consider the implications of taking a course pass/fail, in particular if you are an undergraduate who plans on applying to a graduate or professional program. You should also consult your academic and financial aid counselor if you are considering this option. Students who receive tuition assistance through their employer should contact their Human Resources department. Student-athletes should consult with your academic advisor, coach or athletic department staff over whether taking classes pass-fail could impact your NCAA eligibility.

FAQ's about New Pass/Fail Policy
Provost Burden announced in a March 24 message to campus that Spalding is adding a pass/fail option for all undergraduate and graduate courses during sessions 5 and 6 to help ease the transition to online classes through at least May 11. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the pass/fail policy in order to help students better understand it.

Will I automatically get a pass/fail (P/F) grade for my class?

No. You have the option of selecting pass/fail, but it will not be automatically granted.

When should I decide whether or not I want a P/F grade in my class?

You have up to one (1) month after your session 5 or session 6 courses to change to a P/F grade.

Should I take a course P/F if I am on academic probation or have been identified as SAP through Financial Aid?

If you are unsure, you should always consult your academic advisor or financial aid counselor on whether to take your course P/F. Generally, always strive for an A, but we advise students to use P/F to have a positive impact on your overall GPA.

Should I ask my professor to grade me on P/F?

No. You do not have to secure approval from your professor. You can email the Registrar’s Office, after being advised on its impact, at Your faculty member does not have to be informed of your decision.

I want to apply to Nursing/Medical/Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy School. Will they accept my P/F grade(s)?

Begin by talking with your advisors and/or consult with the academic program.  Again, always strive for the highest grade possible. While many colleges and universities are offering pass/fail options this spring, we simply cannot provide a general answer to the approval of P/F courses and how they impact your application/status.

Will there be a record of my grade for class kept by the University?

You may request a letter from your professor to note your letter grade in the class up to two (2) weeks after the end of the class. You’ll still have two (2) weeks after that to request it a P/F.

Will P/F affect my cumulative GPA?

A passing grade is GPA neutral- so consider whether the letter grade will bring your GPA up or down before taking the pass/fail route. A failing grade will impact your term/semester and cumulative GPA.

Will I still be able to graduate with honors if I take a course P/F?

If your cumulative GPA meets the requirements set forward in the University Catalog, you will still be eligible to graduate with honors, regardless of P/F courses.

Updated policy on registration holds due to tuition balance
Please know that the University recognizes that during this uncertain time created by COVID-19, you may have difficulties making payments to your tuition account. As we approach the start of registration for Fall 2020 classes, please review the following information and the steps we are taking to assist students.

General information and reminders:

  • Registration for Fall 2020 classes began April 13.
  • Please check your balance on your Spalding portal by clicking on the dollar sign on the right side of the page and reviewing your billing statement.
  • Balances $500 and under have a hold that restricts transcripts, but you can still register.
  • Historically, balances over $500 restrict registration, but review the information below for a new policy on receiving a waiver.
  • If you are able to make a payment at this time please do so by clicking on the dollar sign on the right side of your Spalding portal. Payments made using electronic funds transfer and entering your bank account are free.

Updated payment plan and waiver information:

  1. As in prior terms, if you set up a payment plan and stay current, you will be in good standing and be able to register. Payment plans charge a $35 fee by our payment plan vendor, Official Payments. That must be paid in order for the plan to be active. However, to help during these trying times, Spalding has chosen to add a $35 credit to your account to offset the fee. Students are able to set up payment plans by clicking on the payment plan link on the right side of your portal.
  2. Please know, if you do set up a payment plan, and are unable to keep timely payments, we will work with you and waive any late payments fees you may receive. You are also able to make partial monthly payments through Official Payments.
  3. If you are unable to make a payment or set up a payment plan at this time, Spalding will give all students who were in good financial standing before the start of spring, a waiver with the following conditions:
  • Account balances under $2,500 can register.
  • Account to be paid in full by the end of the Fall 2020 term on Jan. 15, 2021.

If you feel like your situation is unique or extraordinary, please contact the Bursar or the Financial Aid Office at and

We want to do everything we can to keep you on track to complete your academic goals during this unprecedented time for our campus and our country. Never hesitate to contact the Bursar and Financial Aid Office with your questions.

Support Services Available to Students
Spalding is committed to making sure our students get what they need to maintain their progress towards graduation. In order to provide you with the resources you need to be successful, we want to make sure you have continued access to all of the opportunities that support you. Below is a listing of Academic Support Services you can utilize and the best ways to access them remotely. Never hesitate to call or email with questions.

Accessibility Services: Students who have access concerns can contact Kyla Arroyo (Coordinator for Accessibility Services), by phone ( Schedule a Phone Call)  or by email at To gather more information on how to access services, please visit the Office of Accessibility Services Website.

Academic advising: Registration for fall classes began on April 13.  Contact your advisor via email (or email to schedule a virtual appointment or simply pose a question on how to navigate your academic pathway.  Using virtual meeting tools, we can review your program of study, select your classes, track your progress, and help you get registered for classes.  It is important to us that we keep you on track academically.  We are also here to answer any questions you have about your session 5 and 6 class schedule. Academic Advising appointments will be available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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Counseling and Psychological Services: CaPS remains open by remote access to all students. If you need to schedule an appointment, all you need to do is send an email to  CaPS Director Dr. Allison From-Tapp is monitoring that email and will get you set up remotely with one of our staff.  Sessions may take place via telephone or on one of a number of video conferencing platforms.  You will be given all those options once we set you up for an appointment.

RELATED BLOG POST | Tips from our Counseling Center Director on reducing anxiety 

Career Development: Need help with your resume? Exploring career options?  Finding a job? Email to set up a virtual appointment with Kimberly Palmore, who oversees Career Development. The office will be fully accessible from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Math Lab: Need Math support? Go to our Virtual Math Lab. … Virtual Math Lab is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone at You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (224) 501-3412 Access Code: 216-635-181. Individual sessions may be available to students upon consultation with Math Lab staff. You may contact Tamme Cr​utcher at with questions or concerns.

Writing Center: Students who are interested in accessing the Writing Center to further enhance your writing can contact Writing Center Director Charles Maynard by phone between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (502) 873-4261 and by email at If you wish to submit a paper to the Writing Center, please use the following link:

See more details on the Writing Center slightly farther down this page.

Library: Effective Monday, March 30 until further notice, physical access to the Spalding University Library will be limited to specific faculty, staff, and students who otherwise lack the necessary technology to do their work from home. Please contact Senior Library Services Manager Mimi O’Malley or Chief Information Officer Ezra Krumhansl for access. These patrons may enter the building through the accessible door with their Spalding ID. Community members, guests, children, and alumni are not permitted at this time to ensure appropriate social distancing. We are asking patrons to remain only on the first floor of the library. The basement, 2nd, and 3rd floors are off limits. Restrooms on 2nd floor are available.  We have implemented increased sanitizing/cleaning procedures and the availability of hand sanitizer in the building.

The library also has created this COVID-19 web page regarding its current operations and information on its wide range of virtual and online services. Or you can contact the staff with questions.

Writing Center Available Online

While the physical campus is closed, please know that the University Writing Center is still active online, continuing to offer support for students, faculty and staff.

If you have never used the Writing Center service at Spalding, now is your chance. We work with students, faculty, and staff in various parts of the writing process as we try to not only help you create a stronger paper, but also to help you as you discover your own process. We offer feedback in various parts of the process, including (but not limited to):

  • Understanding the assignment
  • Getting started and brainstorming
  • Drafting
  • Revision
  • Final polish

The Writing Center can be reached at You can also use the following link to submit your work via our online form at Also, feel free to reach out to Writing Center Director Charles Maynard at

The Writing Center’s typical turnaround time for a 5-page paper is 24 to 48 hours. We run the service Monday to Friday and have a great group of talented and thoughtful staff who are interested in helping you achieve your writing goals.

Graduate Student FAQ's During COVID-19
These uncertain times have generated several common questions from grad students about university policies and academic processes that relate to them. For your reference, I have compiled answers and information about a range of topics into a Frequently Asked Questions format. Please review them, and never hesitate to contact me at, a member of your faculty or your advisor.


What about traveling personally or home to continue my graduate studies during the COVID-19 advisory period?

Graduate students considering leaving Louisville are encouraged to review with their program directors and faculty that they can meet their Spalding obligations remotely and, if so, notify their program directors that they plan to continue their coursework remotely. Please check the university guidance on travel and COVID-19 as updates to the university COVID-19 webpage are made on an ongoing basis. Graduate students considering international travel, for instance, to return home, should be aware that you may face quarantine and/or flight cancellations. Also, you may be unable to return to campus for an extended period of time after traveling abroad. You may face visa issues and may not be able to travel to some domestic American destinations as well due to the trajectory of the coronavirus virus itself.  If you are unable to return to campus, you may be asked to take a leave, depending on the requirements of your program. All students are encouraged to talk with program directors and faculty and think through the various ramifications of travel at this time in the COVID- 19 advisory period.


Can I still submit my research projects to the Research Ethics Committee for review and approval during the COVID-19 advisory period where our coursework and research is now conducted online?

Yes. The Research Ethics Committee (also called the Institutional Review Board) continues to operate and accept proposals for research projects that relate to human and animal subject matter and all advanced graduate-level projects must go through the committee for approval or denial. Dr. Cindee Quake-Rapp is the chair of the committee and the committee’s graduate assistant is Nicole Hagan. Please contact Nicole at and for more information on the process, please click on this link:


Can my defense be moved to a virtual format?

Yes. During the current COVID-19 advisory period in which academic coursework and research are being conducted virtually via GoToMeeting and other forms of technology, all dissertation defenses will be held virtually over GoToMeeting (the university’s virtual meeting platform). After the University returns to pre-COVID-19 temporary guidelines, dissertation defenses will most likely be moved back to the in-person, face-to-face (non-virtual) format. However, until further notice, these virtual defense guidelines will be put in place.

Can my friends and family attend my defense?

Yes, but only via the teleconference virtual link. Spalding is using GoToMeeting as its virtual meeting platform.  You and your dissertation chair will provide the link to your committee members and to others who might want to attend. At this time, the University does not plan on offering any face-to-face and on-campus dissertation defenses until the COVID-19 advisory period ends.

Can I postpone my defense?

It is recommended you review this request with your dissertation chair and program director. Although academic deadlines remain in place, individual students may be able to work with their programs to alter or modify their defense dates.

Can I confirm the completion of my doctoral dissertation and submit my dissertation signature pages electronically?

Yes. In addition to electronic dissertation submission process, all doctoral candidates can submit electronically their 1) dissertation title, 2) name of dissertation chair, 3) date the defense is officially considered completed (after all additions and corrections are complete, which may mean the official completion date is after the actual dissertation if a committee requires further changes to the graduate student’s actual doctoral dissertation), and 4) a dissertation signature page to the Registrar and their graduate program directors. The Registrar will accept scanned signatures as well as electronic signatures. Please send those to the Registrar’s Office at and copy your graduate program director. Please contact the Registrar or Dean of Graduate Education ( if you have any questions about the dissertation submission policy, which has not changed from the pre-COVID-19 advisory period policy.

Nearly All Employees to work from home until further notice
President McClure sent a message to faculty and staff on Monday, March 16, that the campus would be closing for everyone but a small group of residential students and essential employees.

All employees should work from home until further notice except for those essential on-campus departments that were specified in President McClure’s March 22 all-employee email. Face-to-face classes at Spalding have been suspended for the rest of the academic year. Campus buildings are closed and will not reopen until further notice.

Please consult with your supervisor to make appropriate arrangements to work from home. Contact Jennifer Brockhoff, Executive Director of Human Resources, at if you need assistance creating an at-home work plan.

Refer to this comprehensive guide for Spalding employees who are working from home (accessing voicemail, having your office phone direct to your cell phone, using GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual meetings, etc.):

Paid time off (PTO) for employees

The expectation is that nearly all employees will be working from home to some extent, so Spalding is suspending the need to file PTO until further notice. Contact your supervisor or the HR staff at with questions.

Tele-Health and Health Benefits Info for Employees

Updated April 17: In the wake of COVID 19, we have made some important enhancements to our Spalding health and dental plans.

  1. All COVID-19 related medical visits/treatments will be covered 100% by both Spalding Health Plans (HDHP and PPO).  They have developed special coding for these types of visits/treatments that your providers will be utilizing. This will be retroactive back to March 1, 2020.
  2. Telehealth for medical, mental health and dental visits will be added to both the HDHP and PPO plans.  You will be charged the same rates as you would for in-person visits.  This will be retroactive back March 1, 2020. If you had a telehealth visit on or after March 1, 2020, and were charged a higher rate than your typical office visit, please notify your provider of the update to the plan and have them reprocess the bill.

If you do not have a primary care provider or if your providers are not offering telehealth please remember that through Anthem, our health insurance plan has access to Live Health Online services. This allows you direct access to a provider through a video chat. You can access this service by downloading the app or by visiting this link.

During this time, we suggest you to go ahead and proceed with setting up an account by entering your information to avoid the urgency of when you may need to use this benefit.

Virtual Town Halls for Employees
At 3 p.m. on Thursdays, we will host a virtual Spalding town hall for all faculty and staff. Participation is optional, but this is a chance to get updates, ask questions and share concerns. Presidential Executive Assistant Mara Baker has sent a meeting invite to all employees that should show up in your Outlook calendar with instructions to join.
Virtual Student Town Halls
Students likely have a lot of questions about their educational journey during this pandemic. Spalding’s Office of Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) is hosting virtual town halls for students every few weeks. Refer to a Tuesday morning, March 24 email sent to students from “New at SU” for instructions on how to log or call into the virtual meeting. The town halls are a time for students to ask questions of the administration. SDCL will do its best to record and share the meetings for students who are unable to join in live, or share the key takeaways.

VIDEO REPLAY: The first student town halls of Wednesday, March 25, are available to rewatch on YouTube. A lot of ground was covered and many questions answered during those sessions that included President McClure and Provost Burden, the academic deans and many others.

Questions can be asked live during the GoToMeeting call or in advance by submitting questions to

Stay updated
Students, faculty, staff and students should regularly check their Spalding email accounts for updates, and this page will be updated as well.

At all times, members of the Spalding community are strongly encouraged to sign up for the university’s campus alert system in order to have immediate alerts regarding coronavirus (or other urgent Spalding matters) sent to their phone or email.

#SpaldingStrong Emergency Fund for Students
To meet the needs of these unprecedented times, Spalding University has created the #SpaldingStrong Student Emergency Fund to provide our scholars with aid as they face unanticipated challenges and financial hardships (internet and computers for online courses, loss of employment, unexpected medical needs) in these trying times.  To donate to the #SpaldingStrong Student Emergency Fund, please go to

Students who are experiencing financial hardships and wish to apply for emergency funding, or anyone who wishes to make a referral to the Compassion Action Team, should contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 502-873-4479 (4479 from any campus phone) or e-mail:

Canceled Spalding Events/Closed Facilities
The coronavirus outbreak has prompted Spalding to suspend all of its athletics activities, as well as cancel or postpone all campus and university-sponsored events until further notice.

With a few exceptions, all campus buildings are locked and inaccessible to students, employees and the public until further notice. Closed facilities include the Fitness Center, Derek Smith Gym and Spalding Athletic Fields Complex

Until further notice, all campus dining is closed except for meal deliveries to the few students still in the residence halls.

Spalding’s Commencement ceremony, originally scheduled for June 6, will be postponed until August, September or possibly October and divided into several smaller ceremonies for each academic discipline.

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A list of cancellations, closures and postponements is pinned to Spalding’s Facebook page.

Campus Dining
Both campus dining locations – the College Street Cafe and the POD dining counter – are closed until further notice, except for meals being delivered to the few students still in the residence halls.
Counseling Center Open
The Spalding Counseling Center will stay open and continue serving students. Instead of coming to campus, students are asked to contact Counseling and Psychological Services Director Dr. Allison From-Tapp at or (502) 873-4458 to discuss the best way to have your needs met. We understand that the global uncertainty regarding the coronavirus may be a source of anxiety, and the Counseling Center is available as a resource.

Related: Dr. From-Tapp wrote a guest blog offering tips to calm anxieties during this trying times.

New Well Being Website/Virtual Wellness Wednesdays
Several offices on campus have collaborated to form a Well-Being Support Team and create a new Spalding Well Being website with tons of resources to support your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial well being. Offerings from this team will include such virtual experiences as spiritual coaching, therapeutic counseling, gaming activities, physical exercise and care, online tips for working from home, support for accessing social services, grief recovery and more.


The Well Being Support Team has also organized weekly virtual Well Being Wednesday sessions, every Wednesday at noon. These sessions are time for reflection and meditation, an opportunity to share experiences and hopes with others if you would like, and the chance to explore and identify specific actions you might take to spiritually ground and sustain yourself through this period of uncertainty. To join, see the information below.

Here is the link to that meeting:
Here is the call-in number: +1 (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 390-680-301

New Online Bookstore
Spalding is continuing its move to an online text bookstore for Session 5. Students may order course materials at Faculty should also visit the website and double-check that their book orders have been loaded correctly.

Employment Opportunities for Students

Many throughout Kentucky may have been laid off or lost jobs due to coronavirus. While many places are closed, there are companies that fall into the essential-needs categories that are ramping up hiring for their companies.
Below are links to places hiring now!

(Reminder: If you need help with a resume or interview, please contact the Career Development Center at More info on Career Development is available at

Dollar General
FirstSource Healthcare
Papa Johns
Pepsi CO
Pizza Hut

You can view more open jobs at Kentuckiana Works.

What Precautions Should I Take?
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. (This video explains the importance of hand-washing and how soap kills the coronavirus.)
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.
  • Wear a protective face mask when you are out in public, especially indoors.
  • Practice social distancing – staying at least six feet away from others – in all settings.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. To avoid coughing into your hands, you can cough into your elbow.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; use clean tissues.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick (fever, cough, sneeze, and difficulty breathing). To avoid close contact, stay at least six feet away from others.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Spalding’s housekeeping staff is doing extra cleaning of surfaces and objects such as door knobs and handles, elevator buttons, faucets and stairway handrails that are often touched by hands.
What If I Feel Sick?
The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those of the flu or even a common cold, including fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness such as cough and difficulty breathing. In some cases, the virus has led to more severe lower respiratory tract illnesses, including bronchitis and pneumonia. If you are experiencing symptoms, you are strongly encouraged to stay home and contact your medical provider for advice, calling ahead before you visit. The state’s COVID-19’s hotline is (800) 722-5725.  If you have been traveling and develop symptoms, or if you have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please avoid campus and self-quarantine for 14 days.

In the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19, you are asked to please contact HR Executive Director Jennifer Brockhoff at for important guidance on your coverage and benefits.

What If I'm Traveling?
With spring being a time of year when students and families traditionally travel, Spalding University is requesting all students, faculty and staff who plan to travel or have recently traveled to fill out this confidential form describing your recent or upcoming travel, domestic or abroad. If you have traveled to a foreign country that is under a CDC travel notice due to coronavirus or plan to travel to one of those countries, you are required to notify Spalding. For anyone else, participation in the form is voluntary but encouraged. The information will only be used as a reference to contact you in case of an emergency related to COVID-19.

As for university-sponsored travel, Spalding is prohibiting university-sponsored foreign travel, and it is limiting university-sponsored domestic air travel. University-sponsored car travel is still permitted.

Other considerations: If you are traveling abroad, please consider the potential ramifications of travel restrictions that could be placed on you or other travelers by the U.S. government or a foreign government. Sudden restrictions could complicate your trip or your return home.

*Anyone who has traveled to New York City, which has seen a wide spread of coronavirus case, should self-quarantine upon arriving home, according to a medical expert on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

*Another note - The CDC is advising that all Americans defer cruise ship travel worldwide.

If you have been traveling and develop symptoms, please avoid campus and self-quarantine for 14 days.

What Should a Prospective Student Know?
Spalding’s Admissions team is available to answer questions, schedule future visits or help set you up with a virtual tour. Contact them at or (502) 585-7111.

Public Health Resources

Student Resources

  • Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education has a resource page details ways to get Internet access during the pandemic, including a list of offers from Internet service providers.
  • Among them, Spectrum is offering free broadband to k-12 and college students beginning March 16 for up to 60 days. To enroll in the service you can call 1-844-488-8395, the company says it will waive installation fees for student households. Charter will also open its Wi-Fi hotspots for public use.
  • Comcast: The cable giant is offering free access to its Xfinity WiFi hot spots for everyone, including non-subscribers, for the 60 days. It's also providing unlimited data to its customers for no extra charge and is not disconnecting internet service or charging late fees for customers who say they can't pay their bills. The company is also providing 60 days of free basic internet service to new customers.
  • AT&T is waiving overage fees for 60 days on wireless data plans and lifting caps for home broadband.
  • Spalding students can download Microsoft Office for free at using a Spalding login.
  • Students who need access to a scanner are advised to download a free PDF scanner app on your phone, such as Microsoft Office Lens or Genius Scan.
  • Enterprise rental car company is offering college student travel assistance by waiving young renter fees and reducing the minimum age to rent a car.
  • Here is a community-sourced document with a range of local information and resources.

Faculty Resources

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