Faculty Focus Friday | Dr. Glenn Baete, College of Education Director of Advanced Programs

Ashley Byrd

Faculty Focus Friday is a Q&A series that highlights individual faculty members in various academic programs around Spalding University. This week’s featured faculty member is Dr. Glenn Baete, Assistant Professor in the College of Education who serves as the Director of Advanced Programs such as the JCPS Aspiring Leaders Principal Certification Program and the Master of School Guidance Counseling program. He teaches in the principal prep and Doctor of Education (EdD): Leadership programs. Dr. Baete recently retired from Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), where he served 27 years as Assistant Superintendent, Principal (Doss High School), Assistant Principal and teacher. He also served a term as Interim Chief Operations Officer. Dr. Baete holds three degrees from the University of Louisville – a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s in secondary education and an EdD in educational leadership and organizational development. 

What do you like about working and teaching at Spalding? 

Spalding University has a rich tradition in preparing educators and school leaders, and I enjoy furthering the University’s mission in these areas. My role as the Director of Advanced Programs has allowed me to develop partnerships with local school districts to assist with advancing their academic priorities while promoting the University. But most importantly, my first job (ever) was teaching, and I enjoy working with school principal candidates and preparing them for leadership opportunities.

I also serve as a chair or committee member for Spalding EdD students and love helping our students examine research topics that add to the knowledge base and have implications at the local, state and national levels.

What is your academic specialty, areas of expertise or research? 

My research background is in school transformation and reform, academic system development, and school and district relationships. I have published research regarding differentiated leadership, standards-based approaches to teaching and grading, and developing district-wide systems to support instructional innovation.  As a practitioner, I assisted with the development of the JCPS Six Essential Systems for a Strong Learning Environment that is currently used across all schools in the JCPS District.

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Why are the College of Educations programs in which you teach a good option for students to consider? 

The College of Education has outstanding advanced programs for individuals seeking to become school leaders.  Our School Counseling and Principal Preparation programs are taught by individuals with a great deal of experience with school leadership, and our adjunct faculty currently serve in school, district and state leadership positions. Most importantly, all programs in the College of Education combine a strong instructional foundation with relevant and current practical clinical experiences that have been developed alongside leaders in JCPS and other surrounding school districts.

What is an example of a discussion topic, lecture, assignment, project, etc. in your class that you enjoy presenting or working with students on and that they have found engaging? 

Leaders in all areas, including education, often have to examine and address issues through four distinct lenses (structural, human resource, political and symbolic). Many times, these lenses come in conflict with one another, and leaders have to grapple with how one decision impacts one frame positively while having alternate impacts on others.  We spend a great deal of time examining school-based leadership issues through these frames through case studies, simulations and interviews and understanding the importance of strong leadership to navigate challenging situations.

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What is an interesting thing you have in your office? 

Since I am doing most of my work virtually, my two most interesting items in my office are my two dogs – Chandler Bing (a Cockapoo) and Penny (a Goldendoodle).

Spalding’s mission is to meet the needs of the times, to emphasize service and to promote peace and justice. What is an example of how your teaching style, your research, your class or your curriculum is supporting the mission of Spalding? 

As part of the Principal Preparation Program’s work with the JCPS Aspiring Leaders cohort, we have placed the district’s Racial Equity pillar “front and center” as we discuss and develop candidate’s skills and dispositions regarding teaching and learning; human resource, community, and organizational development; and reflection regarding issues surrounding race. Our candidates will complete a portfolio of artifacts that align with the tenets of the JCPS Racial Equity Pillar and ensure that will be used to determine their readiness to serve as leaders in our commonwealth’s most diverse school district.

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